Our Non-drug Approach to Headache and Migraine Treatment

Coastal Headache Clinic’s sole focus is to provide a safe, effective, non-drug treatment for headache and migraine. We do this by utilising the                        Watson Headache® Approach .  

During your initial consultation our practitioner determines whether there is any detectable changes with respect to the joints and soft tissues of your upper three neck joints. These structures can transmit noxious/sensitizing messages to the area of your brain called the brainstem.

A sensitized or overactive brainstem is widely recognized as a key underlying neurophysiological issue in migraine and other headache conditions.

At no time does the assessment and treatment process involve any manipulation or cracking of the neck. Slow sustained pressures are applied to the joints of the upper neck. If the joint is part of the sensitization problem, the pain of headache may be reproduced whilst the pressure is maintained and if this is relevant to your particular condition and the way it should be treated, the pain of headache should slowly resolve. Regardless, any head pain should resolve as soon as the sustained pressure is removed. This confirms if your neck is contributing to the sensitization or overactivity of the brainstem known to be associated with migraine and headache.

Through this assessment process our practitioner can determine if your upper neck is relevant to your headache or migraine presentation. If it is, then with your consent we proceed with treatment. If it is not we explain how this was determined and treatment is not justified.

With our headache treatment we expect to see positive change within the first two weeks. If appreciable change has not been achieved then further treatment is not recommended. Using this headache and migraine treatment approach, it has been found that 80% of people positively respond and improve by at least 80%. Not everyone responds. However a very significant proportion experience quite profound improvements.

About the Watson Headache® Approach
The Watson Headache® Approach was pioneered by Australian physiotherapist Dr Dean Watson who has been exclusively treating sufferers of headache and migraine for more than 25 years. The Watson Headache® Approach is now used in over 22 countries. Dean runs the Watson Headache® Institute where he trains manual therapists worldwide in his evaluation and treatment methods.

There are three levels of training that are undertaken to become a Watson Headache® Certified Practitioner. There is a robust assessment process that needs to be successfully completed in order to be recognised as a Certified Practitioner.

If you would like to find out more information about the Watson Headache® Approach or the Watson Headache® Institute please see Dean Watson’s very comprehensive website.