The Sunshine Coast's only Watson Headache® PracTitioner

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Therese Darcy is the Director of Coastal Headache Clinic. Therese has long been known for her caring, comprehensive and holistic approach. She is a great listener and is passionate about helping clients achieve their specific goals with regards to a life less burdened by headache or migraine.

Like many others specializing in the field of headache and migraine, Therese’s interest in the field began with a personal journey of chronic daily headache and intermittent migraine that started in her late teenage years.  Without significant relief from medical interventions, experienced physiotherapists and other manual therapists, not trained in the Watson Headache® Approach, it was not until she came in to contact with this approach that she experienced first-hand the headache free life that the Watson Headache® Approach can provide.

Therese combined her 20 plus years of experience as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with the advanced and specific manual therapy techniques of the Watson Headache® Approach, becoming the Sunshine Coast’s only Watson Headache® Certified Practitioner.

Therese has trained extensively to refine her manual therapy skills to obtain maximum patient comfort and confidence as well as treatment effect. Throughout her career she has specialized in the management of recurrent or persistent pain problems, particularly with respect to the spine, upper body, head and face. She has been using manual therapy techniques devised by Dean Watson, founder of the Watson Headache® Institute, since 2000.

Therese’s university qualifications are:
• Bachelor of Physiotherapy 1995
• Master of Physiotherapy (Manual Therapy) 2002
• Post Graduate Diploma in Health Ergonomics 2003.

Therese is a member of:
• Australian Physiotherapy Association
• International Headache Society
• American Headache Society